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Rating 1.6
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World-Famous Baby Back Ribs
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    We love being THE PLACE for RIBS, and we bet you’ll love our special Baby Back Rib features, including a crispy flatbread and Tony’s BBQ Trio.
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    Host your next event with us! Choose from our menu or customize one to fit your needs. Send a request to speak directly with a team member to find out more.
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    Check out our lunch menu featuring $11 meals.
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Recent Reviews for Tony Roma's West Edmonton Mall

Rating 1.6
(Based on 15 Reviews)
  • 1.0 out of 5.0
    Rating 1.0
    If I could give a 0 star I would. I am very disappointed in Tony Roma’s in west edmonton mall. I am planning my husbands 40th birthday party and I called them and talked to the manager (I can’t remember her name but Ashley comes to mind) a month in advance to make a reservation for 15-20 people on a Saturday night. They told me that they can’t make a reservation for me cause it’s on a Saturday and it’s a first come first serve. So explain to me how 20 people are suppose to get a table first come first serve? Especially since we are on a time frame and have to be at the comic strip by 6:45pm. So your going to turn away that much business cause it’s a Saturday night. Really? I totally get the first come first serve but for 20 people to find a table first come first serve is ridiculous. The wait time would be forever. She didn’t even try to give me options at all and she wasn’t very nice about it either. She also had a real attitude. So if that’s how they treat their customers, I don’t want to give them the business. It’s really unfortunate cause Tony Roma’s is my husbands favourite restaurant and now we aren’t going cause they couldn’t make an exception. Well I guess Sherlock Homes will be getting our business that night cause they had no problem reserving us a table.
    Response from Tony Roma's
    Please feel free to reach out to me at the Restaurant at any time. Wendy - General Manager 780-444-3313
  • 1.0 out of 5.0
    Rating 1.0
    Tony Roma's has always been my favorite restaurant as I enjoy the delicious ribs (and other menu items), customer service & special attention given to my lemon allergy. HOWEVER---this was NOT my experience in early July 2019!!!

    My server was polite & helpful with the special needs of my order. Several minutes after I placed my order, the manager came to my table and "reviewed" my allergy with the assurance that it would be attended to. The manager delivered my food and I requested a finger bowl as I was eating ribs. He returned several minutes later--without even making eye contact, he dropped off a bowl with lemons in it along with lemon wet wipes. I WAS STUNNED BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!!!! My server came by several minutes later and I asked her to change the bowl for one without lemons. She was concerned that I had been given a bowl with lemons after I had specifically had a conversation with the manager about this allergy--during which I commented that I carry an "Epipen" but was pleased that I would not have to worry about using it at Tony Roma's. My server promptly replaced the offending bowl & wipes with the appropriate bowl of CLEAR warm water.

    NOW-AS FOR MY MEAL (I was treating myself to my annual Birthday meal)--my Ribs were extremely dry and slightly burnt, my baked potato tasted mostly like a boiled potato with a skin too hardened to eat.

    I tipped the server for HER good service BUT TONY ROMA's at West Edmonton Mall will NO LONGER be my choice of eatery! I will have to give it great thought before deciding if I will attempt a meal at the Westmount location in the future!

    Response from Tony Roma's
    I am sorry to hear this. I have discussed this with the shift supervisor involved. We do not normally give out finger bowls as they are not sanitary and this is the reason for the wet wipes. He said he simply didn't even think about the lemon in the bowl as some people have allergies only when they consume a product, not just touch it.
  • 1.0 out of 5.0
    Rating 1.0
    I was very disappointed with my experience at your West Edmonton Mall location yesterday. While we were waiting at the hostess stand to be seated my daughter was looking at the kids menu to see what she would like to eat. The hostess approached and saw my daughter looking at the menu and rudely informed me she would not give her a kids menu because she wasn’t 8 or younger. I was confused so I asked you won’t let my 10 year old child order a kids burger? She confirmed that no she wouldn’t. We decided to eat elsewhere. I understand that you put age restrictions on a kids menu for a reason but I suggest you look into extending the maximum age (like most other restaurants) and perhaps inform your staff to use some discretion when giving customers kids menus when requested. There is no way my 10 year old daughter would be interested in eating off an adult menu. I have never had an issue at any of your locations requesting a kids menu with either of my children before. We happily took our money to Boston Pizza where my daughter was able to order a kids meal. You’ve lost a customer.
    Response from Tony Roma's
    Thank-you for the review. Yes our kids menu is for 8 and under. However we understand that many 10 year old still want to order off the kids menu as well, this should never have even been an issue for you. Feel free to reach out to me at the restaurant and allow me to make this right for you. Wendy - General Manager 780-444-3313
  • 1.0 out of 5.0
    Rating 1.0
    Poor. We came with 6 adults and 2 children 1 under 6 months. Greeter insisted regardless of the children’s age minimum 20% tip. We went across the street spent $200, tipped 18 %. Hope it was worth it to you. When and if you respond, don’t tell me there was confusion and to speak to the manager, you do it. The six adults were in no way confused.
  • 1.0 out of 5.0
    Rating 1.0
    Great service experience however the manager on duty was absolutely ignorant and rude. I asked for a box and she told me the wings on special were not allowed to go home. I get it. However I am a 50 year old woman with my son I asked my server what the specials were. I ordered both the beer special and wings as well as our meals at once as my son was starving. At no point was I told they were in house. I wear reading glasses so it would have been obvious along with the verbal suggestions that I may not know. When The manager approached I asked for a box she refused on account it was in house. When I said if I had know we would have made more of an attempt to eat the wings rather than the ribs my son loves. She snapped that she was the manager and it was on the tent card. Now this is where I get unimpressed. I also am in the industry also a manager and my store also does wing Wednesday however our guests are permitted to bring home what they purchase. Not only that but considering she had just cleared our expensive rib plates saw we both had purchased drinks she could have politely explained the situation and rectified it rather than snap and be rude. I am not a child nor did I go in with intent to take advantage ordering only hordes of wings with water to take advantage Or rip the store off. I spent over 80 dollars and deserved to be treated with value. You if your store manager continues to treat valuable guest like they are rift raft they will no longer go, it will be a second thought for me. Your only saving grace was the above standard service I have been provided by the server he was amazing and was tipped according. I do recognize he failed by not providing me with the rules to begin with which would have prevented the whole situation but over sights happen. I hate waisted food and I don’t stand for harsh rude people. My guests get treated with respect and every situation has it’s different outcome regarding it’s circumstances. Perhaps your manager needs a lesson or two on customer service and conflict resolution or your store will surely suffer. Not impressed
    Response from Tony Roma's
    Thank-you very much for the feedback. The manager was correct in saying the Wing Special is for dine-in only and we do not allow boxing up of leftovers. This is stated on the Wing Special Menu as well. However I am concerned as to how you were spoken to. Guests need to be spoken to in a polite way at all times. I will be speaking to the Manager involved and coaching her on how to better interact with guests. I have just taken over this location and I see there is work to be done on guest service.
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Tony Roma’s at 1640 Bourbon Street is proud to be known as THE Place for Ribs. While legendary for ribs, we’re famous for so much more! From wood-grilled steaks to comfort food with a twist, our menu is focused on high-quality dishes to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy a polished-casual dining experience with family or friends and try one of our signature Romaritas, or bring the kids to show off their RibFace. With more than 45 years of history and 150 locations worldwide, Tony Roma’s is one of the most globally recognizable names delivering a fun, saucy experience to thousands of guests every day. Visit us or call us at (780) 444-3105 today.

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